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Model:VSHB (BALCONY TYPE)  Wrap-Around Caser (Energy Saving Wrap-Around Caser)

Model:VSHB (BALCONY TYPE)  Wrap-Around Caser (Energy Saving Wrap-Around Caser)

This machine is a horizontal-travel, balcony type versatile wrap-around caser.

Adoption of the servo drive system has reduced drive parts, which has improved maintainability and reduced wear parts.

1. Enhanced the energy efficiency by using newly developed electric cylinders which are compact and high performance.

2. The front side uses an open frame structure, which enables enhanced size change workability and improved maintainability in the case forming section.

Specifications & Process Flow


Carton (mm) Length (L) 150~350
Width (W) 100~260
Depth (D) 180~500
Speed(Ctn/Min) 20
Machine (mm) Length 2,440
Width 1,710
Height 2,200
Power Consumption (KVA) 10
Air Consumption (Nℓ/Min) 200
Weight (kg) 1,200
Optional Accessories Coding Unit, Various Automatic Accumulating Feeder Unit, Partition Inserter Unit, Large Volume Case Magazine, Various Detect Device

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