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Model:VWKD (BALCONY TYPE)  Film Over-Wrapping Machine

Model:VWKD (BALCONY TYPE)  Film Over-Wrapping Machine

A film-over wrapping machine which pushes cartons to film supplied from a rolled film, sever the film, and wrap the cartons over with the film after accumulating certain number of cartons.

Specifications & Process Flow


Carton (mm) Width (W) 70~210
Height (H)  30~120
Length (L) 60~270
Speed (Ctn/Min) 5~50
Machine (mm) Length 2,450
Width 1,210
Height 1,730
Power Consumption (KVA) Approx.15
Air Consumption (Nℓ/Min) 60
Weight (kg) 1,700
Optional Accessories Automatic Product Feeding Unit, Eye-mark Detect Device, Tear Tape Cutting Unit (V-Shape), Extra Film Magazine, Automatic Film Splicer, Various Sealing Checker, Film Position Detect Unit, Film Position Correcting Unit, Ejector, Film-Roll Lift-Up Unit

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