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Model:VCL-Q  Tray Packer

Model:VCL-Q  Tray Packer

A tray type packer to pack accumulated products with cardboard blank sheet.

1. The packer is followed by such processes as banding (VWST Tight Packer), Sleeve Wrapping (VWS), Film Over-Wrapping (VWK).

2. The final package can be displayed at retail store shelves after removing the film.

3. Two types of tray package are available; longitudinal and trans-verse orientation.

Specifications & Process Flow


Carton (mm) Width (W) 150~350
Height (H) 50~200
Length (L) 75~300
Speed (Ctn/Min) 7~25
Machine (mm) Length 3,200
Width 1,600
Height 2,200
Power Consumption (KVA) 6.5
Air Consumption (Nℓ/Min) 300 [300]
Weight (kg) 2,000
Optional Accessories Automatic Accumulating-Feeder, Calendar Timer, Large Volume Sheet Magazine, Coding Unit, Counter, Various Detect Device, Ejector

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