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Model:VCW-Q  Wrap-Around Cartoning Machine

Model:VCW-Q  Wrap-Around Cartoning Machine

Being a wrap-around type cartoner, which wraps a blank sheet around the products,VCW-Q series machines achieves tighter finish and less material cost in comparison to set-up type cartoners.

Specifications & Process Flow


  VCW900Q VCW150Q
Carton (mm) Width (W) 40~90 60~150
Height (H) 15~45 15~60
Length (L) 70~150 100~270
Speed (Ctn/Min) 60~120 40~100
Machine (mm) Length 3,500 4,400
Width 1,000 1,150
Height 1,500 1,600
Power Consumption (KVA) 7.3 8
Air Consumption (Nℓ/Min) 50 100
Weight (kg) 1,500 2,000
Optional Accessories Various Automatic Feeder Unit, Leaflet Feeding Unit, Coding Unit (Flap, Panel), Calendar Timer, Gluing Unit, Large Volume Carton Magazine, Ejector, Various Detect Device, Counter

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