O-M Metal Engineering, Ltd.

Business Philosophy

Striving towards customer-oriented value creation, our highly skilled and efficient technological group of TAKUMI continues to take on a challenge the limit of innovation.


O-M Ltd. never stops looking for ways to assist individuals and society through its production facilities and technical services.

Since its foundation, the company has grown along with Japanese industry, anticipating new eras and fostering unique technological capabilities to fully respond to diversifying consumer needs.

To become our customers' best partner, we will continue to be innovative as a group of TAKUMI, with a more active way and with greater sensitivity for customer needs.

Business Philosophy


As a corporation, we can help customers and contribute to society through our products and technical services.

Action guideline

Customer first

Provide products and services that match customer needs.

Technological power

Develop cutting edge technology through the use of advanced technologies and creative power.

The ability to act

Produce results by smartly accumulating knowledge without being controlled by it.

Challenging change

Create a new world by showing the courage to quickly recognize and respond to the changes of the times.