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PWL-1150N(CNC Wheel Lathe)

PWL-1150N(CNC Wheel Lathe)

This machine automatically probes and reprofiles wheel tread on the left and right on axles simultaneously with the axle box removed.

Main Features

  1. High rigidity one piece portal type columns, and high precision large diameter spindles make deep cuts possible.
    Max. 20mm (diameter value)
  2. Chip disposal is smooth
    Smooth chip disposal by utilizing a fully closed type cover
  3. Fully automatic probing is possible
    Diameter of wheel tread, flange thickness, flange height, wheel width, distance between inner surfaces, vibration of inner surfaces, vibration of tread
  4. Ten cutting tools are installed
    Setting of spare tools is possible


MAX. wheel daimeter 1150mm
MIN. wheel diameter 600mm
MAX. Axle length(Gauge 1067mm / 1435mm) 2250 / 2620
MIN. Axle length(Gauge 1067mm / 1435mm) 1360 / 1730
Wheel width 122 ~ 140
No.of Tool head 2
No.of tools 10
Maximum cutting depth 10


Head stock

Center height (From rail top) 750mm
Face plate diameter 1360mm
Clamp diameter Jaw center diameter Max. 1100mm
Min. 600mm
Distance between face plates At gauge 1067 Processing position 2250mm
Stand-by position 3300mm
At gauge 1435 Processing position 2620mm
Stand-by position 3670mm
Face plate rotation speed 2~48min-1
(Variable speed)
Max. cutting force 44100N
Max. turning force 43600N・m
Max. allowable wheel mass 2500kg

Tool post

X-axis (vertical) travel (one tool post) 535mm
Z-axis (horizontal) travel (one tool post) 595mm
Cutting feed rate X axis 0.1~3.0 mm/rev
Z axis 0.1~3.0 mm/rev
Rapid feed rate X axis 5000 mm/min
Z axis 7000 mm/min
Number of turret indexing positions 10 positions

Machine mass

Machine body 58000kg
Hydraulic power unit 800kg
Control panel 900kg