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In rapidly changing fields such as foodstuffs, which is characterized by short lifecycles and diverse product lineups, and pharmaceuticals, which has increasingly stringent production criteria, a flexible response to the packing process is essential.

O-M MACHINERY Ltd. is proud to possess the technology and imagination needed to respond flexibly to these needs. The early development of our quick change function, which allows easy size changes, and rotary dispensing mechanism, which allows high speed and stable molding, have made a major contribution to improving customers’ productivity.

In the future, we will continue to seek the timely provision of technology and products sought by our customers, such as our balcony design for improved hygiene management, energy-saving casers that can contribute to reductions in CO2 emissions, and compact cartoners with space-saving designs requiring only two-thirds of the previous space.

10-10 Ueno 1-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0005
(Usagiya Building )

OMK Ltd.

OMK Ltd. was established in November of 1977, when the casting department was diverged from O-M Shinji factory. In March of 2009, OMK Ltd. purchased the machine manufacturing division from O-M Giken. In April of 2009, OMK Ltd. abolished the use of cupola furnaces and installed a high frequency induction furnace in consideration to the environment, and so as for the company to revolutionize the work environment and improve productivity.

Additionally, in July of 2011, OMK Ltd. annexed the small machine tools manufacturing division from the O-M Shinji factory, and the company constructed a new integrated manufacturing process from material to completed product.

We at OMK Ltd. are continually finding ways to improve ourselves so that we can adequately meet our customers’ needs that increasingly become complicated and sophisticated. We hope you can use our power as we evolve with our users towards a common goal.

75 Sasou, Shinji-cho, Matsue-shi, Shimane, JAPAN 699-0406


OMTEC has been trusted with the management/operation of the golf practice range and the gas station which were open in 1973. Afterward, the cafeteria of the O-M Ltd. Nagaoka factory was added to OMTEC’s operation/management.

The golf practice range is the largest in the prefecture, with a 300- yard driving distance and a total of 80 boxes on the first and second floors. The establishment also has an authentic noodle shop where patrons can eat and take breaks as necessary.

The O-M gas station serves as an information hub for cars. It strives to be the highest caliber community based business that provides customer-oriented services.

Each employee of OMTEC aims to retain the high customer satisfaction rating of the company by providing quality care to each and every customer.

2-1 Kitazono-cho, Nagaoka-shi, Niigata,JAPAN 940-0014