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Model:VCFT  Top-Loading Cartoning Machine

Model:VCFT  Top-Loading Cartoning Machine

A cartoning machine that forms compact cartons from blank sheets, slides them over the packed product from the top surface, and then seals the compact cartons.

An automatic feeder unit that uses various types of robots to supply packed products means various packaging types are possible.

Specifications & Process Flow


Carton (mm) Width 70~150
Height 40~100
Length 100~200(240)
Speed (Ctn/Min) MAX.50
Machine (mm) Length 5,793
Width 1,350
Height 2,100
Power Consumption (KVA) 40
Air Consumption (Nℓ/Min) 150
Weight (kg) 5,000
Optional Accessories Various Automatic Feeding Unit, Coding Unit, Large Volume Carton Magazine, Various Detect Device, Counter

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