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Model:VZ  Vertical Cartoning Machine (Continuous Motion)

Model:VZ  Vertical Cartoning Machine (Continuous Motion)

A cartoning machine having the capabilities of carton pick up, forming, and sealing.

1. Before closing flap, attendants manually load products into cartons from above.

2. Loading space of approx. 1,000 to 1,200mm is available at both front and back side.

3. With its simple configuration and versatility,the VCVB is appropriate for small-to-medium scale production and for test production purposes. Size change mechanism is user-friendly and easy to handle. Automatic change models are also available. The machine can equip with automatic feeding devices such as weigweight checkers and powdery products feeder.

Specifications & Process Flow


  VZ60Q VZ80Q
Carton (mm) Width (W) 30~105 30~155
Length (D) 20~65 20~65
Height (H) 70~220 100~250
Speed (Ctn/Min) 30~100 30~90
Machine (mm) Length 3,910
Width 1,712
Height 1,600
Power Consumption (KVA) 8
Air Consumption (Nℓ/Min) 0
Weight (kg) 2,500
Optional Accessories Glue Unit, Coding Unit, Laydown Unit, Counter, Empty carton blow-off Unit, Leaflet Feeder, Large volume carton Magagine, Rotary-type carton pickup Unit, Odd Carton Opening Unit, Special Material Carton Forming Unit, Carton Cycle Pickup Unit, Extended working Space, Hour Meter, Position Indicator Automatic Product Loading Unit(Bottle Powder, Products packaged by film), Ice Candies Handling Capability

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